This isn’t art, this is suicide, in a social way.
I don’t have the need and i don’t have the time
I’ll tell you why.
‘Cause I think about it all the time
I think about what’s true and what’s lies
I used to think the things in my head were true
Sensory feedback from the things like you [x2]
I don’t know why this must be
It’s misleading me
I don’t know why we’e got a social suicide.
Sensory overload, what a hell of a time.
Gotta sensory overload, gotta tricky little mind,
Tricky little mi-i-mind. Oh!
‘Cause I think about the quivering flesh
I think about this urban mess
Think about playing these games for real.
I wanna write down all the things I feel.
Don’t wanna hide from the things I hear.
I don’t know why this must be
The guitar’s misleading me!
I don’t know why we gotta social suicide.
Sensory overload….