Push it to the limit – screaming wheels – I’m a cannonball
Ride like hell – it’s addiction – it’s Satan’s call
Speeding’s my liquor and the road’s the liquor store
I’m a speeding devil and I always come back for more

And I’m thinking to myself
My way and my way only
It’s my race and I do not care
I take the lead – I’m in control

Shooting through the curves – burning rubber – I’m a highway star
We’re one hell piece of the action – me an my car
Driver’s seat’s my domain and I rule it hard
The rules are very simple – play it smart

So let me ride them wheels like I was fucking mad
‘Cause then I’m in my prime – definition of bad
Overtakes – sky high stakes
The engine roars – the pipe exhausts – I lead this chase
stay behind – ridiculous wannabe pro
This game is not a drill – no place for sissy ass hos
Pack your bags – low life class
Kiss my ass