Trust me man, Certain chicks need to be held up like OII! Get me.
Pull ya hand back leave em like NAAHH! I’m Sorry,
cuz like, i don’t just make love songs for the sake of it init,
to paint pretty pictures and all that.
Like, Everything I tell man, applies to real life.

Coz when it comes to wifing girls, i’m not a fan
d’you know how many girls i’ve fucked
out there and they have got a man?
about 60%, and thats alotta gyal, so before you
fall in love and start to lust make sure you got a plan.

Trust me car, wifing a ho is not da lick bro,
so before you think you’re gonna get deep make sure you grab some info,
and i aint talking hobbies or interests, nah none of that shit bro,
i’m talking age of loss of virginity and text messages in phones yeah,
now chat to man who was in her class, fuck her closet –
you don’t want a skeleton flyin out her arse,
yes dig up all her past, find out which chicks she used to flex with,
to how many man she slept with; if its more than six then forget it,
No, she can’t be respected
cuz certain man are just to fast, quick to give their heart
and wifey’s bringing next man in the yard,
then it burns their clut,
you should have found out from the start but,
that’s what you get kids
if you don’t investigate and start to lust and then you get whipped,
done know these days these girls are brazen,
and who they roll with tends to be an
accurate indication of how they tend to stay and,
watch how they act round other guys,
be careful who becomes your wife,
a dodgy chick’ll fuck up your mind,
fuck up your life forever.

I swear down, like,
you need to be careful when you pick your wifey man,
there’s bare signs you need to look out for,
you get what i’m saying?
cuz like, i’ve seen certain man just
pick the wrong kind of gal you get me?
just send a man mad.
just wana lick down the gyal, lick down the new boyfriend,
just acting all out of character, its nuts.

Now let me give you man an idea,
these chicks are fucking out,
even if their boyfriend gets birded for less than five years,
let alone a ten,
their banging out after two so it’s quite clear,
if she aint gonna ride or die for you
then having a wife’s air,
true stories, i swear, this is mans life here,
breeding a whopper’s my fear, one of my worst nightmares,
i’m telling man how it is, you think i care?
coz once you been burned, believe me, look
you’ll never trust a next gyal,
in relationships there’s arguments and,
you’ll both get vexed fam,
but you need to know she won’t go back and fuck her ex man,
and when there’s yoots involved it gets painful,
over awkward, gets outta hand and then you catch a thirty like Morgan,
look, these gals lie for certain,
shit happens, they tell different versions,
you heard what happened to Mercston,
anyway, back to the wifes, you know how i do,
i ain’t got a Tinie Tempah, i got a bad one,
don’t know if i can wife yous,
don’t wanna get wicked cuz i’m a nice dude,
but i swear on my grand dads grave,
i aint tryin hear sorry, bout they felt lonely,
needed talk to somebody, i think these girls are dodgy,
heartless like Bush, Ken and Fonty,
never wifey off a girl who’s known the road,
i tell these lover boys to be easy and slow your row,
i don’t wana have to turn ’em round and say i told you so,
but these chicks are devious, mischevious, didn’t you know?

Trust me, just be careful init,
cuz like a wifey is kinda like a reflection of yourself like,
can’t just have ya chick running on myspace,
she’ll find a whole different scene.