This is gunna be poem #357651à‚óaboutà‚ó the biz. Ready??? Alrightà‚ó
Second guessn’ count your blessn’
LOOK! What I’ve become
Sit and wallow
Thank god! I swallow
Gosh, what have I done?
Baby Jane
Putt’n blame
On every man she meets
Stop being a victim
Just delete them
And I mean toot sweet
Navy sweater
Yep he’ll get her
Wanna see where she bit me?
My curriculum
Monkey business
Not even Christmas
Fine! How do ya do?
Look here feller
Yer in these yeller
Can’t get the moneyà‚ó
Muffins missn’
Im just kissn’
Sweet potato man
Don’t look back
Faults yers
Had no b or c plan
Sit and wallow
Thank god you swallow!
Gosh , what have you done?
Second guessn’
Count yer blessn’
LOOK! What you’ve become