(Espie Slim Haven)

Good evening dear.
How did things go?
Did you have a good day today?
I hope she doesn’t notice
The traces of Mary’s lipstick
That I just light away.

(Mary Lou)
Okay, I guess
But that dog’s gotta go
But he always gets in my way
And he almost bit Charlie
When he caught him sneakin’ in
The backdoor today.

That’s the good dinner dear
Think I’ll have a beer
Maybe it’ll help me unwind
Really, I’d like to sneak out
And meet Mary tonight
But she’d get suspicious this time.

(Mary Lou)
I’m so tired
Think I’ll go to bed
Remember to turn out the lights
I really am tired
But it’s not from the work
And I hope he’s as tired as I am tonight.

— Instrumental —

Well, goodnight
Have a good sleep
Wake me on time, won’t you dear?
I almost slipped up
And called to Mary
I hope that she didn’t hear.

(Mary Lou)
Goodnight honey
Please don’t worry
I’ll wake you in time for your bus
But I know about Mary
And we’re just one big happy family
Charlie, Mary and us.

I know about Charlie
(And I know about Mary)
We’re just one big happy family
Charlie, Mary and us…