Verse 1:
I’ts midnight and everybody’s feelin all right
Sippin’,swingin’,chilling all night
And I’m at the point where I’m ready to set it off
So I look to my left thought I saw you glancin’ before a sec
So I looked again and that’s when our eyes met oh
And I know I like what I see
Come talk to me
You know I seen you lookin’
Come rock wit me
Approach me like a man
And step to me
Take a chance it could be your lucky night
Don’t let me pass
Better come and get me
Better make it fast
It’s the first time though
It might be ya last
Never know it could be your lucky night
Verse 2:
Tell me what’s the hold up
It’s evident ya want me so give up
And bring it to me now before ya times up
Cause I’d hate for you to miss out on a good thing
And maybe I’ll walk by and help you out
Cause maybe you’re just shy
Never know what it can be unless some try
So come on and talk to me
Cause I really wanna talk to you
Chorus: repeat
Take advantage of the moment
Never know what could happen (ay)
Cause if you really knew how much I’m feelin’ you
You’d have no excuse
So you gotta make a move tonight
You never know it could be your lucky night
Chorus: until end