A cougar dog and a stout palomino

Snow fallin’ on this devil’s land

It ain’t the life of a high-class suitor

But it’s live-in luxury for a mountain man

It’s twenty miles from town up the valley

To the little cedar cabin he calls home

She’s waitin’ by the door and the home fire’s burnin’ warm

It sure beats bein’ alone


And his Cadillac is a cattle rack in a 1970 Ford

Livin’ free and easy he knows what he’s livin’ for

And a cowboy’s first to tell you just how much he has been blessed

And with that baby in her belly he’s gonna rewin the west

We made the winter of ’93

Lost a few good dogs up in old Lost Creek

The lions they ran wild but we were runnin’ free

Lord knows the country that we’ve seen

If a dolphin needs the ocean and the sea

The eagle needs the blue Montana sky

And a cowboy needs the land and the work of God’s true hand

Those Rocky Mountains in his eyes


With that little buckaroo at his side he’s gonna rewin the west