Synapses dysfunction
Minds with no compunction
Will raise a population
Of sociopathic nations
Avenue and junction
Leads me to the question
Should I continue on?
How long, you gonna string me along?
Time bomb, before you ring the alarm
Every second passes
Pabulum for the masses
I’m waiting on a moment
Lemmings and jack-asses.
I keep on questioning, the meaning of this nonsense
When you sleep at night, you dream without a conscience
Up-down, you’re gonna string me along
No sound, and then you ring the alarm.
Am I deciphering?Am I making progress?
My senses weakening, as I watch you undress.
My entire squadron
Couldn’t stop your hadron
Now my skin is burning
Sliding in your cauldron
I’m dumb, to let you string me along
How come? I let you ring my alarm?
I let you ring my alarm
I let you ring my alarm
I let you ring my alarm……

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