I’m in show business i’ve traveled far
thats right you’ve got it a neon star
i started at the bottom but i reached the top
and once you names in lights you know you’ll never stop

show business its all i need
give me the chance and i’ll take that lead
when the musics playing i can’t help but sing
and when the dancers sawying i’m right in the swing of it

show business its lucky breaks
a chance to show if you’ve got what it takes
give it your best and your on your way
let the big band play!
show business its lucky breaks she brings us sunshine
a chance to show if you’ve fun times,
got what it takes she brings us
give it you best and sunshine every day
your on your way

start the show start the show
i’m here to stay! lets go, sunshine
yes i’m here to fun times. yes she’s
stay! here to stay!