Lalalala (3x)

I’m not gonna sleep ’til 8 in the morning,
Way too many thoughts in my head,
I could lie awake and drive myself crazy,
Or go back to see you instead,
Its late at night we had a fight and I can’t sleep,
It’s not alright,


I’ve gotta go by your place,
So we can make up fact to face,
Cuz I know that nothing’s right ’til,
I get my kiss goodnight,

Over thinking rehearsing my lines,
Tryna figure out what to say,
I missed a few stop signs,
It’s 3 in the morning,
And I don’t really care who’s the blame,
Cuz things we said,
Stuck in my headm
It’s time we put this thing to bed,


It’s a little thing with you and me,
But it means everything,
It’s all I need to find my peace of mind,
And dream