her daddy raped her when she was 8 years old

his selfish action took a piece of her soul

but she would thank him when she learned how to drive

took some gasoline and burned him alive

drove to L.A. so she could be a star

but prostitution didnt get her so far

her daddy’s face on every john

so she went out and she baught her a gun

she had enough and couldnt take anymore

what would she be a murderer or a whore

no fire down in hell below

could match the pain of the life she had known

she killed so many that she couldnt keep count

her life had fucked her but she found a way out

it gave her power that she never had

and murder paid more than the fuck ever did

she found a power that was hers alone

she found a way to stop the pain

she found a way to make her life her own

she found a chanel for her rage

she walks the streets witht he pimps and the slime

but her past she has left far behind

nobody is gonna stop her now

even if they could somehow

so take a look deep inside yourself

you are no better than anyone else

and if you should look her way

you wont live to see another day

little runaway dont cry

there is so much more time to kill