From the moment you arrived here, I’ve been utterly amazed
Astonished at your level of perfection
So it breaks my heart in pieces to imagine all the ways
You’ll get hurt in spite of my protection
‘Cause someday I’ll have to send you like a soldier off to school
And the lesson you will learn there is that kids can be so cruel
So however well they like you and whatever grade you get
Promise me baby that you won’t forget

Even the wallflowers do survive – they can thrive
Even in the shadows
And there is a power in finding out for yourself
Rain or shine, whichever way it goes
Even the wallflowers grow

I hope they choose you early when the captains pick their teams
And I pray that they’ll invite you to their dances
I hope it doesn’t hurt too much the times you skin your knees
And that your heart endures its first romances
I cannot imagine anyone not loving you
But everyone feels alone at least a time or two
And I wish that I could spare you any heartache down the road
But maybe then baby you never would know

repeat chorus

Grow in soil that’s watered by
Every single tear they cry
Believe me, baby, you will live
And someday you’ll tell your kid

repeat chorus