Well, I don’t mind if I ain’t got time
‘Cause that don’t bother me
I’m a hillbilly girl in a hillbilly world
And that don’t bother me
Well I ain’t that bright
But I know what’s right
From mistakes and my colour TV
Well I don’t care if I lose my hair
‘Cause I’m living happily.

Well the sun don’t shine in the wintertime
But that don’t bother me
And the car won’t go if you drive too slow
But that don’t bother me
And your heart won’t ache
If you’re here to take
All this love from me
Well they don’t give a damn
‘Bout a worried man
As far as I can see


Well it ain’t this town makes the world go round
That don’t bother me
‘Cause the time’s too slow when I’m on the go
But that don’t bother me
And the dirty old road that nobody knows
Feels like home to me
Well I might not stay
But this town has a way
Of catching up to me.