Thru the maze

I run in hope to die

but of death there is no trace

until the dead red catches my eyes

a hide and seek until eternity

this game I will never complete

until I am free from the grip of time

I am trapped in the losers seat

My growing fear is uncontrolled

as I tremble in perspiration

but I know in the end the dead red will unfold

and that is my only consolation

Colour of head

my ever sworn enemy

blind I search the red

which I am unable to find

but as the voices said

in the hours of my life

to eternity you shall be led

with pain in your eyes

The game shall continue

eternity won’t be long

and on the edge we will know who won

or shall it be none

I found it at the end of time

It did not glow is did not shine

its time had come and so had mine

it turned around and stared at me

with eyes of black this could not be

in that moment of truth the lie did die

the stars went black

and then went I

"Revel within your time

but make it last an eternity

because life is not all

that is going to be"