[Intro – Chamillionaire – talking]
It’s the Mixtape Don
Hold up Ric
We got to take ’em back, know what I’m talkin ’bout?
Yeah, y’all know the number 832-514-4730
That’s the line man, y’all hit me and let me know what go down
Know what I’m talkin ’bout? Yeah

[Verse 1 – Chamillionaire]
Verses so thoed, so the records got sold
22 years old with a mouth full of gold
We in Cleveland on the road, seem like everybody knows
That if you work hard enough, the truth’ll expose
Got in beef with Mike Jones, dropped a lot of beef songs
Then the day I got grown and made peace with Mike Jones
In Texas seem like everybody hustlin to keep the lights on
Well cut the mic on
Mayne, had some tension with Paul ’cause that used to be my dog
And it seem like everybody else was tryin to get the ball
But they be said naw, that’s the day we impressed
I guess I had to learn to get my own, am I “Correct”?
Now with checks on my desk and my jewelry lookin fresh
And when it come to success, bet nobody can contest
Get love in your city, you’ll get hate in your own city too
You know it’s all cool, man

[Verse 2 – Chamillionaire]
Freestyle got better, jump shot got worse
So was basketball last and makin rap cash first
Doin rap concerts, that’s what I call work
And soon as I hit the turf, the white girls go berserk
Really I ain’t never had a whole lot of family
I had to go adopt a VMA and then a Grammy
Talkin to a person that ain’t never met a granny
It’s lonely at the top, you understand me?
But I still keep it movin, keep the money comin fast
They say the big challenge is to get the dough to mass
Savin money in my stash, movin like the Flash
But it seem the day is longer than the neck on a giraffe
Got Cokes in the cooler, headed to the Kappa Beach
Boys callin for a ride, why you actin like a leech?
1’s on my feet, brand new chain and the piece
Every other stop sign I’m takin pictures with a freak, hold up

[Outro – Chamillionaire – talking]
I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m the realest
I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m the realest
I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m the realest eva