(Curtis Leach – Claude McBride)

Well, I rolled into Moffet, Oklahoma
Down by the Arkansas state line
I walked into a honky tonk
And ordered a glass of California wine.

He said we got Oklahoma blue we got Arkansas homebrew
But no sir we don’t dig that foreign kind
We got brandy rum and gin and moonshine for the men
But we don’t dig no California wine.

A big cat stood up at a piano
His beard was at least a foot long
I walked up to the bandstand
And asked him to play me a hillbilly song.

He said we play rock and we play pop we play blues and we play bop
But no sir we don’t dig down on the farm
We play jazz and we play jerk wnd we watch those miniskirts
But we don’t dig no hillbilly song.

I sat myself down at a poker table
The sign said dealers’ choice, I played awhile
When my deal came I flipped the first card over
Said spit in the ocean cucamonga style.

He said we play draw and we play stud and I mean bud we play for blood
But no sir we don’t dig no nothin’ wild
You can buy one in a pinch stack the deck or check a cinch
But we don’t dig no cucamonga style.

I dropped a dollar on the blackjack table
And told the dealer let the face cards fall
ThenI turned over eighteen and said hit me
Well, he did and that’s the last thing I recall.

Well, I guess you know the rest I’ve got my semi pointed West
Yes sir whine big diesel whine
And if I ever see old Moffet Oklahoma again
It’ll be West of the California line.

They’ll have to move it West of that California line…