Face I am nothing face
Complete by sarcastic tastes what a waste
I think I’d rather die
Wanting never gaining I find myself pondering life
Always situations I can never hide
Crying tears of anger hate depressed I never know the me
Never know what to do
Slit poor out the life
A bottle of the vive
A desperate cry for something else to justify

I’m in a daze caused by pain
A failing force who wants to change
Painting the white to grey
Painting the white to grey
Numb body shivering
Blood dripping from the skin
Painting the white to grey
Painting the white to

Plastic always drastic
A vision of a psychopathic with a razor
Crawling through the attic
I know somewhere out there someone cares
Wanting me to get my head out of the clouds
As they think it’s time repair
These scars will never clear
I’ll never the same little one
With hopes of one day maybe being sane
I might have tried before but I locked the door
Now I need a reason to unlock it

Cutting popping
I know I’m not the definition of your model
I’m always dropping
Lying crying
I rarely find the relevance in always competing or trying
I’ll take dying
I need to feel the shame in what it was that I did
Painting the white to grey
My life summed up in a brush

Cold in the back of a puppeteer
Bathroom floor
That’s where I tried to die
Painting the white to grey