I don’t know, I just think that’s hell exploitive
You know, taking these metaphors and just butchering
Icons in the urban community, I don’t know
It’s like you sucking ’em dry, what are you, some kind of a vampire
Or something? Yeah, yeah, that’s what you are, what? Ahh, what?
A ghetto vampire, that’s it

So, where’d all this come from? Think back
Try to remember, think back, try to remember
I used to sit at the right hand of God in light and splendor
Lavishly spreading love that’s all I remember

As time passes, I catches miracles He taught me
Everything except for some old man and breathe the breath of life
I tried, to just accept, He’s my savior
But jealousy forced me into sacrilegious behavior

Enraged like I was no threat, I hated God’s laughter
Waiting for the day the apprentice becomes the master
I’m cursed and damned, now to be a creature of the night
Un-living yet living off blood, fearer of the light

But I don’t give a fuck, right, because I live forever
I see you all come and go and die and burn
And watch the world still turn, evil entity, time is resenting me
Thousands of years later, I must conceal my identity
A vampire

New heights, where it’s so dark you need candlelights
To expose the black plague my left hand writes
Nights enveloping and developing pictures in your brain
Like a darkroom, in every monestary, where I spark boom

A cartoon style smile smirk, how’s my emotionless killer clown
Synapse behaps relax the bastard black balloon
Nocturnal, high off the herbal, crowding back streets and projects
Illest nigga, coolest slang dialects

Bite marks are what you feel if you’re my victim
Poisons golden seal couldn’t heal from your system
(From your system)
Nuts bust down the throats of mad crack heads
Fetal four-eye pleas, fuck it cops kill black kids

Sometimes, I wish I could stop the death the pain and the sin
But I’m fucked up create the libations that humans contain within
After lightning strikes the steeple of your family church
I beg forgiveness from God but it never works

I know my soul ain’t going to Heaven when I expire
Recognize the immortal ghetto vampire
I slit your throat and watch you shake if I desire
Recognize the immortal ghetto vampire

Bear witness to the sins of wicked messiah
Recognize the immortal ghetto vampire
Who can I speak to? God is dead and the whole earth’s on fire
Recognize the immortal ghetto vampire

Running from the sun by day it’s become quite obvious
To the people surrounding me, I’m the wildest
Un-tamable, blood luster plus the high school yearbook photos
That I took in eighty-nine, show no sign of a face of mine
Intertwined my mind is a jungle full of cobwebs and tangled vines

And a glass mace even my closest friends are becoming afraid
Of how I, predicting what’s happening and events
Prom dates found they’re punctured, blood left pleading then lynched
That’s just how I fucking express myself
When I consume your blood and leave you dead
Sorry, it’s just to keep my health

Dark forces, police get nauseous from my trail of corpses
No stake through my heart, no Holy water and no priest with crosses
A woman’s mind gets clouded by my handsome mannerisms
Listen obsessions bigger than Jackie Gleason’s aneurysms

You caught up when my piercing eyes stare right through you
Stronger than the straightest greatest ancient Haitian voodoo
My unholy presence disturbs animals and children
Built a sacrificial altar behind an abandoned building

My sense of smell is heightened my sight is razor sharp
Serene that’s Thorazine when I remove your beating heart
And then the blood starts, flowing
Now, I got your soul without you even knowing
Lying in a staircase covered in piss, body decomposing

I turn on sirens and I perpetuate gang violence
I’m the Devil that got Malcolm X sleeping in silence
Factual I poison anything that’s natural
I kill love and I’m hope frozen up just like it’s a statue

Vampires walk among us sucking life from our city
Keeping us in constant states of insecurity
The police watch ’em, they know me, ghetto vampire
The government check ’em, they know me, ghetto vampire

Churches and ministries, they know me, ghetto vampire
Niggaz slangin’ that shit, they know me, ghetto vampire
Money hungry bitches, they know me, ghetto vampire
The whole school system, fucking ghetto vampires
The fucking media, they know me, ghetto vampires

Now, who’s the vampire?