Verse 1:
Never before
Did i climb this mountain
Or walk through that door
Jesus, you reached out your hand
And pulled me through
Cause you promised to
And you loved me too

Verse 2:
Never before
Did I dream that I could be
The one you see in me
Jesus you helped me believe
In the things not seen
My only King
You will always be

You’ve captivated my heart
You’ve given me a brand new start
Its all because the power of your name
My broken wings have been restored
You call my name I call you Lord
Its all because the power of your name

Help me to live for more than my own
Your spoken word my life has shown
Its not about me Its not my way
Open my eyes and let me see
What you’ve done in me

The life you gave me first
At the promise I made at second birth
This life I’m living for
Is the life that I am dying for