Ululation, WuShe City lay in ruins
Soldiers gather, Death to be apportioned

(Chinese part)

Uniforms trekked streams to primitive territory
encircling, enveloping, cutting off all escape

Hemugan ga dala dunexu (dunu)
Mam sa su embunu ga gaya babow Teghen

Valley nooks, Trees crannies, hidden tribal arrows emerges
Illusions into shadows, formless decapitation

Holding strategic placements
Masks devastate uniforms
Heavy reinforcements called for
Not in vain shall their platoons fall

Toda, Tuluku clans, old blood, feuds reminded,
shifts in their alliance fall in rank and file
But treachery’s only reward is death in
the fore-charge of battle

Blood lust fed by putrid winds, death stench rife
Wilts growth and mutates cherry blossoms

Snow capped peaks stains with fatality
Red covers white
Opposing masks, vendetta killing
The gods weep

war-hounds at bay, the Sacred Land rank
with Spilled blood of all vileness, desecration
Battle songs distinct in the skies
Their beats exposing the Outlanders’ artifice

(Chinese part)