There’s not a cloud in the sky
and the sun is shining likes it’s never going down
I start to feel like I can fly away

Sweet juniper under the clear silver
Leading me into a place that I’ve never been
I stand and sigh under the sky
And my heart is like a child
I’m alive again

All the dancing
In the searching
In a daze
Never knowing
I was on the edge of this horizon
But your love showed me the way

Now there’s a Rainbow for me
But the promise that we will live in each day
Gets shaken in the gray
But now I believe
And life is like the sweetest refrain
Since you painted a rainbow for me
Lord you painted a rainbow for me

I think about days that I spent crying
All the games I played
He loves me then he loves me not
So all alone wondering if I’d ever fill the emptiness
in my broken heart
But now I’m dancing
No more searching
Now I’m free
Walking in an endless horizon
And you’re the reason I sing

Repeat Chorus

Won’t you go with me
To where the angels come to sing
His water washes away our sins
Gives hope to life
Brings life again and again

Repeat Chorus