sometimes i ask myself why even bother

it goes in one ear, right out the other

out on a limb, out on the edge, no matter what they say

the pleasure of pain, day after day, dat after day

love kills, it hurts me to see you this way

love kills, it kills me to treat you this way

each day we rise with the sun in our room

needles and pills lead us right to our doom, right to our doom

looking like the tail end of a hurricane

death warmed over, the rear end of destruction, rear end of destruction

pock marks and scars adorn your face

it used to be pretty but it’s just getting ugly because
you’re getting caught up in a losing race.

you’re drowning in a sea of drugs they pull out the carpet,

look at everything you’ve taken what have you done?

the distance grows, you’re fading away

disturbed since birth, no way to control you

you took a vow to love me forever

never say you’re sorry ’cause i did it my way, i did it my way