Jamie’s gone away
to cross the widest plain
Find some undiscovered kings and princes
Jamie’s jumped the train
to live bravely for a day
Ride the rails in some lost romances
Infamous hobos crouch in the car
Singing along in the night
old pioneers
looking for the lost frontier
under the dark western sky
and the night wore on
More people jumped the train
at Grass Valley the next day
Pulled out so fast they nearly lost their hold
Across the snow fields
And over ravines
Yellow skies of snowfall
the sun winks and dreams

The mountains are marching
the deserts rolling home
It’s a long ways away from a place we all know
I’ll give you my hand
We’ll roll like a stone
Show me the places the wild birds know

and the night wore on
Jamie sits and he knows
the place where we go
is oh, so much farther
than old Mexico
If I’m alone
I’d rather be here than home
I like to have a song to sing
the night wore on

Jamie’s gone away
to catch the last of the trains
and it’s a long journey south
Jamie jumped the train
when the world was dark and strange
and a smile played the corners of his mouth

the night wore on