Please girl don’t drop the phone
Stay calm but don’t let it fly
Iit was bound to happen someday
But still nobody understands why

Bridge 1:
Don’t belive you are in the wrong
You only played your part
These things do occur in life
We can’t know from the start

Nobody said it was gonna be easy
Nobody said it would be allright
Nobody said you were gonna make it
We can’t all be wrong
Can’t all be right

Move on what’s past is past
What’s done is done
Move on…

Boy you mustn’t feel confused
Don’t be afraid to cry
Let go of what’s hurting you
Realise the pain and live your life

Bridge 2:
You can hide away or you can leave
But from that what would you get
The future won’t remember
The past will not forget


Nobody said, but then nobody can deny
We’ve got the strength inside us
We can work this out if we combine (x6)