Be with me always

May she wake in torment
Never to find
Any kind of comfort
In death
May her lies satanic
That corrupt even now
Bring her back to confront
Me again

These are words of hatred
Words of contempt
Only one who suffered
At the hands and the heart
Of a woman who stole
Both his life and soul

Be with me always
Possess me and haunt me
Take any form
Or take none
Be with me always
In flesh or as a ghost
And you’ll learn as the ages run
Learn what your sin has done

Who is my protector?
Whence comes my help?
Who is there to calm me
But she
God shall be my witness
That I pray she will know
Not one moment of rest
In the cold cold ground

Be with me always
Consume and invade me
Take any shape or disguise
Be with me always
To share all my despair
And to learn nothing justifies
Reckless inhuman lies

Here comes the night
The abyss unrelenting
Casting all reason aside
And I see in myself
All the things I see in you
Hear the savage I am crying
Be with me always…