Go right back the way you came
Kick-start the pouring rain
Crack a smile and kill my pain
Define my love forever vain

You know I would love you
She cries; a trampled dove
So tired, she suffers
Well she did.

And so you came to rescue me
Sweet buzzing bumblebee
My songbirds singin’ to the trees
But I know she won’t be leaving me

So high above you she flies
A cannonball
Don’t try to love you?
Well I did.

Now I’m lost in my bed
And all your words go through my head
And if we’re falling apart
Will I make it out alive?

Exploding hearts will live in fear
My lovesick bombardier
So hold me close and read me clearly
Do paralyze every single tear

And throw down your troubles
So long, away they go
The notes sound so muffled
when you cry.