Checkin Out (Trevor Rogers)

It’s much too early in the morning
Don’t want to have to face the day
Light is streaming in forming shadows on the wall
Staring at the ceiling, don’t quite know how I’m feeling

Your words they hurt like a fracture
Kind of like a needle piercing skin
I would never have cared, if they were said by anyone else
Time for a change you said, nothing lasts ever after

Yes I am almost decided
Very close to getting out of bed
No need to knock, cause I’m getting ready to walk
I’m checking out, I’m checking out

I didn’t know what to tell you
I didn’t know what to say
All that is clear, is the hope gave way to fear
Fear of the unknown, frightened like a little child

The fragrance is sweet and familiar
Feels like I’ve been here before
But everything is new, and the door I’m passing through
Finally feels like home, no more do I feel alone

I’ve finally climbed the highest mountain
Feel like I’m walking on air
Bright is the sun, the journey has begun
I’m checking out, I’m checking out