Is this what I wish for those and all they know?
Could depend on how cowardly I should act
If she won’t give me the love I came here for
With pen I am armed here to react

Hey now, hey now what is it boy?
All the things that trouble you
Visit your mirror image
Of what might have once behaved
Hey now, hey what is it boy
But I won’t rest till dead, till dead do you part

This is how I feel my God from what’s been dealt
The flies that flutter flight tonight
Is it love that I’m feeling or is this hate the same
The emotion’s enough to kill the sane

Feed little maggots off the Westside of your sin
Run little maggot when they learn of what you did

From start to finish I’ve made you feel this
Discomfort in turn with the world you’ve learned
To love through this hate to live with its weight
A burden discerned in the blood you taste

Why would you deny me answers?
If I’m just a boy on the break of being
Horror and hell through its fires
Be brutally honest, was it better before me?

In the curve of your body
How I want her with me
The truth of the story
The Vishual, I wish you all

The better end of all to come
The truth be now here one by one
I am to extend to none
The memory that fuels the fire

Watching his tale with the words he unfolds
Conscience and cold we’d never know
They scream as he laughs off the dust from his eyes
These words will now learn of the dreams in his mind

Could this be that hard for me?
To configure a new love in hate
To my new entity or banish it home to the grave
No one is safe

With the quickness strike out for the less of us doubt
Mercy of the man who put the pen in our mouth
Word write us well signed, “Forgiveness for sale”
I’m through being full
Of all the might you want killed
The fiction will see the real
The answer will question still
In your body and blood as your parents once wept
You will follow their lead one by one, every step

Could this be that hard for me?
To configure the new love and paint
To my new entity or banish it home to the grave
I will not save… your world