Verse 1

I know promises can vanish in thin air
This life comes with no guarantees
Everything I have can all be gone
And leave me empty-handed fallin? on my knees
When I get knocked down, weak and confused
I gain strength with every thought of you


You make me fearless
You make every day for me
Fearless, you make it easy to believe
You?ll always be there for me whatever I go through
That?s the difference between your love and this world
I?m fearless with you

Verse 2

I used to wake up afraid to face the day
Almost counting on something going wrong
I?d get scared thinking I was all alone
But now there?s comfort in knowing I belong
In your arms, wrapped up in your love
The only place I feel safe enough

Repeat Chorus


With you by my side
I let go and close my eyes
And I feel like I can fly

Chorus out

В© 2001 Nicole Witt / A.J.Yuill