well I been seein’ red and singing the blues far back
as I can tell, til daisys came from heaven and decorate
the gates of hell, you might b’lieve the world is sweet
and fine as sugar candy, but I myself believe in whatever
comes in handy [chorus:] daisys up your butterfly,
daisys up your butterfly, makes me up and wonder why,
you got daisys up your butterfly: you’re whistlin’
past the graveyard, hopin’ for the best,
but a hum job after k-mart just might wreck your party
dress, your poodle smokes,
he’ll probably choke and die in his own mink coat,
your rainbow’s bringing rain that’s gunna sink your
damn love boat: daisys up your butterfly,
maybe maybe not, could be daisys up your butterfly
or a bad day at Black Rock